Semalt Expert: Top 15 JavaScript APIs For Google Chrome

An API, also known as application programming interface, is a set of subroutine definitions, tools, and protocols, and is used for building web applications and data extractors. In general, an API makes it easy for you to develop a computer program and provides all essential building blocks. APIs are suitable for operating systems, database systems, web-based systems, software libraries and computer hardware, and include specifications for data structures, routines, variables or remote calls and object classes. Just as a graphical user interface allows you to use different programs, a JavaScript API (application programming interface) makes it easy for you to use specific technologies to build applications. There are various JavaScript APIs for Google Chrome, but the most famous options are discussed below.

1. Accessibility Features

You can use this JavaScript API to manage your web browser's accessibility features. It is primarily used for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and is combined with other JavaScript APIs to build different data extractors.

2. Alarms

You can use this JavaScript API for Google Chrome and can schedule your codes to run at periodically in future.


Bookmarks is one of the best JavaScript APIs for Google Chrome and is primarily used to create, manipulate and organize the bookmarks. You can also use it to create the Custom Bookmark Manager pages.

4. Browser Action

The Browser Action is used to add different icons on the main toolbar of Google Chrome and is also suitable for inserting a popup, a tooltip or a badge to your web browser.

5. Browsing Data

Browsing Data is a famous JavaScript API for Google Chrome and mostly used to remove the raw data from your local profile.

6. CertificateProvider

This JavaScript API is used to expose the certificates for the TLS authentications.

7. Commands

The Commands API is used to add the keyboard shortcuts to your web browser and triggers all essential actions in Google Chrome.

8. ContentSettings

This JavaScript API for Google Chrome is used to change the settings and overall look of a site, and allows you to target web pages with cookies, redirects, JavaScript and Ajax. In general, Content Settings lets you customize the behavior of Google Chrome.

9. ContextMenus

This Java Script API is suitable for adding different items to the Chrome's context menu. You can easily select the objects for your context menus, such as hyperlinks, pages, and images.

10. Cookies

This Java Script API for Google Chrome is used to modify or change cookies of a website or blog.

11. Debugger

Debugger is primarily used to mutate the CSS and DOM and is one of the best JavaScript APIs for Google Chrome.

12. Desktop Capture

Desktop Capture is mainly used to capture the content of a web page and is suitable for targeting dynamic sites.

13. Devtools.inspected Window

You can easily obtain data from the internet, evaluate the JavaScript codes, obtain a list of URLs, and load different web pages with this Java Script API.


It is used to retrieve the data from the internet and displays information in the Network panel. You can also create your panels, add sidebars and access the existing panels using

15. Document Scan

You can use this JavaScript API for Google Chrome to retrieve or discover images from the internet.